Monthly Archives: May 2016

Blank the word ‘blank’ seems to imply emptiness, a feeling of desolation. The aptness of the word in describing my feelings at this moment cannot be underestimated. However, strictly speaking, blank is not what I feel.

I feel full, whether it be from the over-indulgence on the finest of ales – Guinness – or the finest food that ‘Arnie’s Crap Takeaway can offer. This week’s special was botulism and chips on Wednesday. This has unfortunately remained with me ever since as I alternate between heaving and crapping in equal measure. It’s a tough life being a fast food aficionado I can tell you.

Fortunately Guinness does seem to have a pickling effect which has made my digestive system relatively stable at the moment. It will not last, mainly because my head is either swimming because of the after-effects of the aforementioned culinary delight or the large volume of the black stuff I have just consumed. Only time will tell.

A bit of squid delight should make it all clear, here’s to fine dining. See you soon peeps. Take care, especially at ‘Arnie’s…until the next time….